QLC Chain welcomes Dan Kolkowitz as Tech Advisor

Dan Kolkowitz

QLC Chain (previously “Qlink”), the first public Blockchain for decentralised Network-as-a-Service(NaaS), is happy to share that Dan Kolkowitz has joined the team as Tech Advisor.

Dan will be working at the QLC office in Hong Kong for one week. During this time he will be meeting with Allen Li, Chief Architecture, Owen Wang, Core Developer, and Chris Zhao Core Developer to discuss network security solutions.

Kolkowitz will also assist the team to develop the construction and deployment of the decentralized network blockchain services, with a focus on decentralized security solutions design and implementation.

Dan with QLC team

More about Dan:

Kolkowitz brings more than 25 years of experience developing security and network technologies for distributed systems with specialties in financial technologies, payment and anti-fraud systems, and data-privacy protection and management. He also owns the patent for “Transaction Assessment and/or Authentication.” He has a successful entrepreneurial history as the co-founder of IdentityMind Global, an e-commerce company that provides risk management and regulatory compliance solutions for the financial and digital commerce ecosystem. He was also involved in founding companies such as MobileAria, Compact Devices, Securify, Inc., Swan Labs, Inc, and PlaySpan Inc.. Prior to this, he was the VP of Security at RedBrick Health Inc., a leading SaaS provider for the Wellness and Healthcare industries.

Kolkowitz earned a M.S.C.S. from Stanford University, where he managed several key distributed computing projects at the University as well as lecturing in the computer sciences department. He’s been actively working in the network and security industry and standard organizations for over 20 years. He continues to advise on technology and security issues for Venture Capitalists and public and private corporations.

The first public Chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service! Visit our website at https://qlcchain.org/ Twitter @QLCchain

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