Earn QLC by playing on the dApp — WinQ

As people say, home is where your WiFi connects automatically, which has several implications:

  1. Other public WiFi are not 100% trustworthy, please be cybersecurity aware
  2. A lack of incentive for individuals to share their asset and open network access
  3. Trust issue among network service providers and users

You might not be aware what you can possibly achieve with 1 QLC. People now have the opportunity to provide communication services on Qlink dApp and make a fortune!

Prior to WinQ age, there is no such friendly way to monetize individuals’ network asset, including extra LTE data, idle time of the WiFi router, and even the VPN server. You were asked by a friend to share your hotspot with him or her, to share your home’s WiFi, your restaurant’s WiFi and your office’s WiFi. Reluctantly, you disclosed the password, you open your backyard to friends, customers, strangers. In return, you get nothing except for risks.

To add, while you are scrolling through your Facebook page and paying for your flight tickets for the next destination, there might be cyber criminals spying on your personal information via the public WiFi networks! By intercepting data transferred across the link, they can easily access your banking credentials, account passwords and other valuable information.

Other scenarios given, think about the private keys to your wallet ‘bulging with’ hundreds of Eth or BTC. Would you ever leave the locally saved keys to the malicious invasion right into your phone? The VPN marketplace in the Qlink dApp could serve as an end-all and absolutely necessary solution to your privacy security against both local criminals and those scattered across the internet.

Qlink with the mission of building the world’s first decentralized mobile network has has now completed its 13th updated version of dApp development and has listed on Google Play for all Android users.

With the progressive development of the dApp product, we’ve seen the art of playing around with the dApp went beyond just sharing personal idle resources but also lead to opportunities of earning revenue and enhance global interaction. To start with, join the WinQ game — Crypto monopoly, network asset grabbing game.

With 1 QLC for registering a WiFi or VPN asset on the blockchain, you are all set to hop in and embark on an innovative money making avenue!

This is a complete guide to grab and extensively increase your QLC earnings, either you are a beginner or advanced player.

How to earn QLC using WinQ:

Testnet QLC airdrop

  • Grab the chance now! Limited timeframe! Download the WinQ from Google Play. We have allocated 1 NEO to your Qlink wallet which is stored on testnet. Purchase QLC with NEO in the wallet, approximately you might have nearly 500 QLC to start with, generous initial funds we prepared for Qlinkers
  • Don’t worry about QLC you earned in the TESTNET, since what you earn will be reflected on the mainnet! NO COST for registration, but what you earn is real! Your Testnet QLC earnings will be converted to real QLC once WinQ dApp runs on the mainnet.

ONE WinQ wallet for each user will be verified for QLC conversion rewards.

The ceiling is 300 QLC for each user.

The pool of QLC conversion will be shared by the first 200 WinQ users after the WinQ dApp launch on Google play.

WinQ player QLC earning Ultimate Strategy

  • Register all accessible WiFi as your own asset, setup the price you would like to charge measured by QLC. Change your Android system settings and allow the Qlink dApp to run in the background!
  • Setup your VPN server on the free virtual server space such as Amazon Web Service. Amazon Web Services offers one-year free virtual server space. You can setup multiple VPN servers and configure the VPN files in the Qlink dApp, by doing which equips you multiple VPN assets and bring QLC revenues to you simultaneously.
  • Do not feel like registering any assets? Prepare yourself for a thrilled journey of assets battle! Now this innovative gaming mechanism Crypto Monopoly was just introduced to the dApp!

Claim an existing asset by taking over its ownership at its claiming price, then enjoy its assured premium when grabbed by other players. In this network asset marketplace, higher risks, greater revenue! You are the manager and operator of your asset brand.

Crypto Monopoly builds up an asset value increase system for each player to gain real QLC earnings at unprecedented rate!

How it works

‘Grab’ an intended asset from the WiFi or VPN asset list, wager an amount of QLC beyond its claiming price, customize all settings and boom, the asset is yours!

Asset claiming price = Deposit + QLC earnings from asset usage

As soon as you acquire a WiFi or VPN network asset, it automatically increases in price.

Careful though! If someone else wants to grab your network asset, they can do so by paying the asset claiming price as specified in the equation above. You will then lose the ownership, whereas you will receive QLC payment transferred back to your crypto wallet.

Knock at the doors of your neighbours, drop by your friends’ residences, prepare them and yourself for the unprecedented asset grabbing game!

Tell us of your QLC earning story by leaving the comment here!

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