Crowd-sale date announcement

Thank you for your patience. We are happy to share with you more details about our crowd-sale.

After the close of our pre-sale, we announced that we raised about 350,000 NEO though both the Strategic Tier and Pre-sale Tier when the NEO price was $37. As the price has increased we have decided to raise less NEO. We will now raise around 35,000 NEO through our crowd-sale and will announce the conversion rate of QLC to NEO as well as individual contributions caps for each participant based on market condition before the crowd-sale begins. We will re-distribute unsold tokens to all token sale participants.

We will reserve allocation to who passed KYC and submitted NEO wallet address during the crowd-sale through

The Qlink crowd-sale will begin at 9:00pm Singapore time on December 22nd 2017.

International timing is:

London — 1:00pm, 22nd of December
Amsterdam — 2:00pm, 22nd of December
Paris — 2:00pm, 22nd of December
Berlin — 2:00pm, 22nd of December
Kyiv — 3:00pm, 22nd of December
Moscow — 4:00pm, 22nd of December
Dubai — 5:00pm, 22nd of December

Toronto — 8:00am, 22nd of December
San Francisco — 5:00am, 22nd of December
New York — 8:00am, 22nd of December
Brasilia— 11:00am, 22nd of December

Sydney — 12:00am, 22nd of December
Seoul — 10:00pm, 22nd of December
Tokyo — 10:00pm, 22nd of December
New Delhi — 6:30pm, 22nd of December
Kuala Lumpur — 9:00pm, 22nd of December
Ho Chi Minh — 8:00pm, 22nd of December

To participate in Qlink’s crowd-sale you need to be whitelisted and make sure you have submitted the correct NEO wallet address. The whitelist and address update will CLOSE at 7:00pm Singapore Time on December 20th, 2017. We request that contributors use the Neon Wallet version 0.0.6.

We ONLY accept NEO during crowd-sale

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