The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on September 30. Thanks to the response from Allen and all the meaningful questions raised by our members.

Let’s recap this AMA!

Question: When will we see real output from the collaboration with MEF?

Allen: In October, We will announce…

QLC Chain’s Strategy and Technology Advisor, Andreas Freund, outlines MEF’s cybersecurity framework.

In a predominantly digital world, the ICT industry is not only faced with exponential new business opportunities crossing and blurring traditional lines between industries but also facing exponential digital threats both from the outside as well as within…

Congrats Dr. Andreas Freund, QLC Chain — MEF Outstanding Contributor

We are very proud that Dr. Andreas Freund is nominated as the MEF outstanding contributor at MEF Members Meeting 2021! He is not only an expert on DLT and Telecom Services. Also devoted to setting a long-term vision for the industry to adopt DLT. He has led the MEF 114 — DLT-Based Commercial and Operational Services Framework — Billing since launching the project, exerting himself into nitty-gritty details of the standard and inspiring peers on how to unlock the potentials of DLT. He will continue the path to streamline digital service along the supply chain. Congratulations.

AMA Recap

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on June 10. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist:

Q1: Can you please explain QGAS Tokenomics?

A: QGAS can be used for the service fee from billing network and QLC chain transaction storage and mining…

Binance Communities QLC Chain trading competition — $30,000 in QLC to Be Won!

To thank the community users for their support, Binance and QLC Chain have together committed $30,000 in QLC as prizes to give away to our communities.

Promotion period: 2021/06/02 08:00–2021/06/09 08:00 (HKT)

Promotion A: NEW USER Exclusive…

On May 20th, we held an AMA in the Binance English Group ( We’d like to thank you for attending our conversation with the Binance community. If you missed the AMA, below, we have summarized our conversation:

Allen’s Introduction
I’m Allen Lee. I have worked in a major communications company. I…

Here is the list of good news from the #QLC Team


1. New operators from the UK and South Africa join the QLC chain global billing network.
2. MEF refers to the QLC Chain billing scheme as the W114 standard for global operators blockchain-based interconnection billing standard.
3. The blockchain-based network access security SASE solution is being promoted by the QLC team to the W118 standard.
4. The cooperation between US MOBI and QLC Chain will introduce new standards to support the billing and identity security of global electricity vehicles accessing the global network.

AMA Recap

The AMA was held on the QLC Chain telegram group on April 20. We also prepared this summary for you to get the gist:

Q: I think there needs to be a technical team put in place who can sort out problems, especially with the Q wallet and staking. There…

We are honored to announce that on April 19, 2021, Explorer will launch the NEP5 QLC token cross-chain SWAP function from the NEO chain to BSC.

Also, QLCChain V1.5.0 has been developed and will be upgraded to the mainnet on April 23, 2021.

V1.5.0 version provides a lighter and faster…

Dear QLC Community,

In our continuous effort to build out the QLC ecosystem, we are excited to announce the partnership with Sakeswap and Sakeperp (the leading decentralized exchange on Ethereum and BSC — Binance Smart Chain)!

As QGAS will become more prevalent in our future releases, Sakeswap will be integrating…

QLC Team

The first public Chain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service! Visit our website at Twitter @QLCchain

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